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For speedy and intense detoxification after a fun weekend or a tiring week, trust the Restore package. It comes with a bundle of juices exclusively designed to reset the digestive system and help your body recover. Remember, your digestive system determines your metabolism and overall health.
Pamper as often as you can!



While you clean each corner of your house, the abode that houses you – your body- deserves attention and pampering. The Restore juice cleansing package cleanses built-up toxins from your body, while also hydrating it. Just as the name says, this package helps you restore health by rebooting your body after a hectic week or fun-filled weekend. It is the ultimate best friend that your digestive system needs.

Refresh. Refuel. Reboot.

What makes the Restore special?

This juice cleanse is like pushing the reset button to show the exit door to toxins. An unhealthy lifestyle and stressful working hours cause toxin build-up in the body over the long run. These accumulated toxins are the root cause of lethargy, lack of concentration, slower metabolism, weight gain and lifestyle-related diseases. The first step towards regaining health is to flush these toxins out.

With the Restore, you can give your body a fresh start, as often as you want. Healing your mind and body altogether is possible if you follow the Restore with mindful eating habits. It is time to reflect and reassess what you are putting inside your body.

The Restore contains five juices – Citro-Ric, Celery, Coconut water, Lemon and Mint, and Green Detox. Citro-Ric is rich in Vitamin C, while Celery and Green Detox alkalises your body for a faster cleanse. Coconut water is a low-calorie tasty drink with a rush of electrolytes that intensely hydrate the body. Lemon and Mint adds a refreshing tanginess along with detoxification effects, while also energising the body with improved metabolism. All juices are rich in antioxidants amounting to a total of 922 calories.


  • Flushes toxins built-up inside due to years of unhealthy lifestyle habits
  • Energises and helps fight lethargy
  • Delicious taste
  • Packed with antioxidants and nutrients
  • Hydrates body
  • Assists digestive system


Finding it difficult to decide what is best for you? Our experts will curate a package tailored to your specific needs. Our wellness team will analyse your requirements and suggest the bespoke option.